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Drivers registration form

Registration for the Concours International d'Attelage de Tradition de Compiègne 2024 is online, via this form. The registration fee is €100, to which are added the costs of meals and horse stalls. 

Entries will be closed on 5th May 2024.

1. Contact details

2. Category

3. Carriage

4. Equines

Please enter the name, breed and age of each of your horses or ponies in the following table.

5. Horse stalls

6. Meals

The number of free guests invited by the organisation for the Saturday evening and Sunday evening dinners depends on your turnout. 

1 horse = 2 free guests

2 or 3 horses = 3 free guests

4 horses = 4 free guests

Coach = 5 free guests

However, it is possible to add additional guests, on Saturday evening (€55 per guest) and on Sunday evening (€25 per guest). Please indicate the total number of guest (including those invited for free) for Saturday and Sunday dinners.

7. Arrival in Compiègne

8. Miscellaneous

Please check the boxes below.

After clicking on the "register" button below, you will receive an email indicating the payment terms. Your registration will only be taken into account once your payment is complete.

Les inscriptions sont closes / Entries closed

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